Top 40 Games of 2014

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Rogue Soul 2

Rogue Soul 2 (94%)

The award-winning game Rogue Soul is back with a sequel! Run through levels, jump and slide to dodge obstacles, slash your enemies and steal their loot to complete missions and pro...

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Papa's Donuteria

Papa's Donuteria (94%)

Sky Ninja has finally opened, and as an employee of Papa's Donuteria, you had a chance to ride it without standing in line! But unfortunately, it's broken now, and it's time that y...

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Freeway Fury 3

Freeway Fury 3 (94%)

Freeway Fury is back with its third adventure! Are you ready for some breathtaking freeway action? Jump from vehicle to vehicle, steer cars, motorcycles and larger vehicles, and av...

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Mighty Knight

Mighty Knight (94%)

You are the King's most trusted knight and your task is to eliminate all demonic monsters of the Dark Order! Travel through Doom Castle by fighting the enemies and upgrading your s...

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Battalion Commander 2

Battalion Commander 2 (93%)

The enemy soldiers are invading your country from the North, so it's time to grab your gun and eliminate them! Rescue allies on the way as you try to complete your missions. Also c...

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Feed Us: Pirates

Feed Us: Pirates (93%)

The pirates are taking over the shores! Don't let them ruin your island adventure! Knock out pirate boats, collect enough blood to buy awesome abilities, fellow fish and new weapon...

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Goodgame Empire

Goodgame Empire (93%)

Build your own empire and protect it at any cost! Train soldiers, upgrade your castle and conquer the neighboring lands to gather more resources. You have the chance to forge allia...

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Vex 3

Vex 3 (93%)

Welcome to the third world of Vex! Run, slide, jump and swim your way to overcome deadly traps, and try to complete challenging levels. You'll also have 10 stars to collect, and ma...

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Sentry Knight

Sentry Knight (93%)

Play as a sentry knight with awesome powers, and try to stop the mythical foes and monsters from invading your land! Upgrade your weapons, defenses and skills to win the battles th...

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Strike Force Kitty

Strike Force Kitty (93%)

Lead your army of kitties to victory by collecting tons of weapons, armors, costumes and fish! Run your way, jump over traps and defeat other cat warriors to save the kitty princes...

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My Friend Pedro

My Friend Pedro (93%)

Follow your friend Pedro and rush into an adventure full of gangsters! Jump off walls, roll or slow down time to dodge enemy bullets, and eliminate the bad guys in the streets! Rem...

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Grow Nano

Grow Nano (92%)

How does a man heal up? He got sick and he is very weak. Can't even move his arms. So that you need to move instead and be patient and heal him. Ensure that he will have everything...

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House of Wolves

House of Wolves (92%)

You finally made it to the West frontier to expand your land! Start gathering resources by harvesting trees and hunting animals, then build mighty structures to recruit warriors, a...

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Papa's Pizzeria

Papa's Pizzeria (92%)

Papa Louie is counting on you to manage the pizzeria well! Take the orders, bake delicious pizzas, add the toppings and serve them to the customers as fast as you can! Earn tips to...

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Dead Paradise 3

Dead Paradise 3 (92%)

You are finally in Area 51. But you still need to help the survivors to reach the safe haven! With the help of scientists who know how to cure this madness, you should organize a c...

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Jumping Long

Jumping Long (92%)

Your goal is to beat the world jumping record! Set your running speed, start running, and then stop at the right time to jump as far as you can! Make sure you purchase upgrades to ...

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Final Ninja Zero

Final Ninja Zero (92%)

Take the role of Takeshi, a ninja who graduated from combat academy, and join your first corporate espionage mission! If you succeed, you may become a hero and be honored as the le...

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King's Rush

King's Rush (92%)

One day, the king receives a mysterious postcard from the beach across the sea. Completely loving what he sees, he decides to invade this tropical beach with pretty ladies. But mak...

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Royal Warfare

Royal Warfare (92%)

When peaceful zombies and skeletons became merciless warriors, a great war raged and the kingdom fell into chaos. Train warriors, mages, archers, priests and rogues to fight agains...

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Disaster Will Strike 3

Disaster Will Strike 3 (92%)

Cause natural disasters such as earthquakes, floods or epidemics to destroy all the dinosaur eggs! It's time to get cracking!

Choose the disaster you want to use and interact wit...

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Multishop Tycoon

Multishop Tycoon (92%)

After saving the kid of Mr. Richie, you've been chosen to be the CEO of his new company! Start buying new stands and manage your stocks in order to accomplish your quests. Now it's...

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Epic Boss Fighter

Epic Boss Fighter (92%)

Alien beasts want to conquer our peaceful planet Earth. And there is only one person who can stop them: it's you! Fight epic bosses and collect the coins as you upgrade your abilit...

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Earth Taken 2

Earth Taken 2 (92%)

After the alien invasion, everything in Earth has changed, even the ecosystem has been adapted to the needs of aliens. And the military has dropped nuclear weapons all over the wor...

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Monkey Go Happy Sci-fi

Monkey Go Happy Sci-fi (92%)

This time the sad monkey is in a space station to solve the tricky puzzles, and save the mini monkeys! Choose a monkey character and a futuristic hat to start your adventure.

Use ...

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Battle of Heroes

Battle of Heroes (92%)

Play either as the general of the Holy Sun Empire, trying to retrieve the princess, or as the general of the Great Demon Army, helping the demon prince protect his love, and prepar...

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Freedom Tower: Invasion 2

Freedom Tower: Invasion 2 (92%)

Human beings didn't give up trying to steal your energy source! They imitated your technology, and now they are as strong as your guards! Use your new technology to prevent those e...

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Deep Sea Hunter 2

Deep Sea Hunter 2 (92%)

Explore the depths underwater caves to find seventh sea treasure! Control your little yellow submarine and get rid of unfriendly creatures as you try to collect precious ores. Reme...

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Monkey Go Happy Balloons

Monkey Go Happy Balloons (92%)

The mini monkeys can't get enough of toys! Explore around to solve the puzzles, and pop all the balloons to collect points. Visit monkey shop to spend your points and buy new gifts...

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Shop Empire Rampage

Shop Empire Rampage (92%)

The fired employees of the shopping malls unite to take revenge! Help them vandalize the shops and drop their popularity or shut them down forever!

Click to select an employee. Cl...

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Sift Heads: Cartels Act 3

Sift Heads: Cartels Act 3 (92%)

Vinnie is beging targeted by the dangerous yakuza clan! It's the perfect time to find their compound and eliminate the vindictive enemies! He'll need to chase cars, shoot the bad g...

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Dead Zed 2

Dead Zed 2 (92%)

Take down the zombies and manage your team of survivors to defend your campground. Upgrade your equipment and buy repairs with the resources your gather from killing the zombies! H...

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Battle Cry: Age of Myths

Battle Cry: Age of Myths (91%)

You are one of the commanders in training, under the new emperor's rules. Command your army and fight against oncoming enemies in the battlefield. Add different types of soldiers a...

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Monkey Go Happy Tales 2

Monkey Go Happy Tales 2 (91%)

Help the sad monkey to solve the puzzles, find all the mini monkeys and reveal the mysteries behind the tale!

Use your mouse to interact with objects and characters, click the arr...

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Mad Burger 2

Mad Burger 2 (91%)

Your delicious grilled burgers became very popular between campers! Launch burgers as far as possible to make money and then get awesome upgrades to make them fly longer. Don't for...

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Jellydad Hero

Jellydad Hero (91%)

If this is not your lucky day, you are very likely to come across the pirates at space! The poor jelly family was trapped in a pirate ship on their way for a happy holiday vacation...

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Command & Control

Command & Control (91%)

Operation desert begins! Command and manage your units, launch air attacks to fight terrorists and prevent them from reaching the control point! As you destroy enemies, you'll earn...

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3 Pandas in Brazil

3 Pandas in Brazil (91%)

The adventure of 3 pandas continues in Brazil! Can you help them to stay out of trouble? Click on the right places to proceed and explore the city. Make use of each panda's unique ...

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Skip Around the World

Skip Around the World (91%)

Join Skip in this exciting adventure and travel the world with him, finding clues in every place you visit. Your first destination is Finland! Go to your hotel and find out what yo...

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Demons Down Under

Demons Down Under (91%)

Are you ready to be a warrior bunny to go deep in hell and rescue your ten bunny sisters that have been kidnapped by demons? Go from room to room in this maze to kill demonish crea...

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Golden Duel

Golden Duel (91%)

The bandits want to capture the town. Take the role of the young sheriff Johnny, and engage in a duel to the death to decide the future of this peaceful town! Upgrade your gun, arm...

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