Top 40 Games of 2015

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Qubed: New Adventures

Qubed: New Adventures (92%)

It's hard to be a cube sometimes. The world is filled with dangers and you have to be brave to overcome the obstacles! If you think you're capable, get in this exciting little adve...

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Shop Empire 3

Shop Empire 3 (92%)

Shop Empire is back with an awesome third game! Place shops, restaurants and other facilities to build your own shopping empire! Attract people with your business, earn lots of cas...

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Papa Louie 3

Papa Louie 3 (92%)

Are you ready for the third adventure? This time, Radley Madish kidnapped Papa Louie and the whole crew and customers of a big passenger ship! It's up to Captain Cori to save them ...

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Frozen Islands

Frozen Islands (92%)

An evil ice monster attacked the island and froze all the inhabitants of the village! Everything was so peaceful before this... Now some of your Viking friends are held captive. Yo...

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Easy Joe 3

Easy Joe 3 (92%)

Joe is a confused bunny living in a confusing world. He wants to see the world but he can't always find his way. Help him out by clicking on objects and solving puzzles so that he ...

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Wheely 4: Time Travel

Wheely 4: Time Travel (91%)

Our favorite little car Wheely is here with an exciting adventure! First help him get to the shop so as to fix his broken wheel. A new wheel won't be the only thing that he'll get ...

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Road of Fury 2: Nuclear Blizzard

Road of Fury 2: Nuclear Blizzard (91%)

It's time for some winter action! You are driving along the Road of Fury in the middle of winter and some armed, hostile forces are attacking you! Shoot them all but remind yoursel...

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Stick Squad 2

Stick Squad 2 (91%)

Stick Squad is back with an awesome sequel and 20 new missions! Our anti-heroes will continue the story where we last left them. Now a new menace is upon us: the Voice plans on ter...

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StrikeForce Kitty 2

StrikeForce Kitty 2 (91%)

The bravest kitty of all is back with a second adventure! Gather your army made of kitties each with a unique ability, run through obstacles, collect fish for great upgrades and fi...

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Asgard Attack

Asgard Attack (91%)

The Earth has fallen! Goblins are everywhere! We have to stop them before they damage Asgard! Are you ready for the fight? Build up your kingdom and train your troops so that they ...

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Car Eats Car 3: Twisted Dreams

Car Eats Car 3: Twisted Dreams (91%)

Who would have thought that cars could eat cars? Well, they do. Drive your car to the safe area while collecting rubies and fighting the enemy who wants to eat you alive! Don't for...

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Disaster Will Strike 4

Disaster Will Strike 4 (90%)

You control the nature in this world and your goal is to eliminate these multiplying dinosaur eggs! Oh no, you can't let them survive, they must all die! Cause natural disasters li...

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Pre-Civilization Bronze Age

Pre-Civilization Bronze Age (90%)

It is the bronze age in the Mesopotamian Middle East. Start with a small land, build infrastructure, manage the economy, develop science and culture. Protect your territory by upgr...

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Asgard Story

Asgard Story (89%)

Asgard was a peaceful land... Until orcs showed up. Now, it is not safe to go in the woods, not for anyone. But Edward the viking will get rid of them. Take your weapon and fight ...

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Monkey Go Happy Western

Monkey Go Happy Western (89%)

Our favorite monkeys need assistance to be happy! They are in a western town and they are so unhappy! Only the Indian Chef can cheer them up but he too has his demands. It's up to ...

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K.I.N.G. (89%)

It's time to assemble your Giants to restore order in this mad world! First, you need to create your robot Giant by choosing each part of its body. Mix&match and create a powerful ...

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Stick Beard

Stick Beard (89%)

Life is all about choices... And sometimes, it's really hard to find the right one! Stick Beard is a stick captain who found himself on an island and he wants to find the hidden tr...

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Doodle God Blitz

Doodle God Blitz (89%)

What would you create if the world was in your hands and you could control the elements? Mix and match elements to obtain new results! Watch the world get richer with your creation...

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Earn to Die 2: Exodus

Earn to Die 2: Exodus (88%)

The city is invaded by zombies! Hordes of the undead block the roads, attacking survivors. But you will escape this place and join the other survivors at the other side of the city...

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Monkey Go Happy Valentines

Monkey Go Happy Valentines (88%)

Lonely people are sad on Valentine's Day. So are these monkeys. The only way to make them happy is to find all of the bunnies in this pink wonderland fllled with hearts and love! ...

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Fancy Snowboarding

Fancy Snowboarding (88%)

Our popular buddy is back with a winter adventure! Put on your fancy snowboard pants and hop on your board for some cool stickman action! Help him ride his board and get to the fin...

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Escape Plan: Underground

Escape Plan: Underground (87%)

You woke up in a creepy place... What's that smell? I think it's an underground sewer... You can't remember how you got here but you sure don't want to stay here long. Examine obje...

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Wheely 5: Armageddon

Wheely 5: Armageddon (87%)

The end of the world has come! Armageddon is near and our favorite car Wheely has to save himself. Help him get to safety, safe and sound. You know, Wheely is a brave and adventuro...

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Monkey Go Happy Western 2

Monkey Go Happy Western 2 (87%)

Are you ready for a second adventure in the wild wild west? The fragile little monkeys are unhappy again... There's nothing to do in this dusty place and they need some fun! Why do...

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Rats Invasion 2

Rats Invasion 2 (87%)

Rats invaded your house... again! They are everywhere! You need to get rid of them, you can't possibly live like this, can you? Throw smoke bombs to scare them and get them out! Go...

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Tammy Jo Superstar

Tammy Jo Superstar (87%)

Stephen owns a motel that once was a popular place. But now it's only a shady place due to Stephen's neglect. Plus, it has the worst singer ever: Neel! Tammy Jo knows that she can ...

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Accurate Slapshot Level Pack 2

Accurate Slapshot Level Pack 2 (86%)

Accurate Slapshot is a great blend of physics and sports! Aim and throw with your hockey stick, use surrounding objects, avoid obstacles and try to score! The faster you score, the...

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Gun Mayhem Redux

Gun Mayhem Redux (86%)

Are you ready for a real gun mayhem? Choose your battle, your opponent and let the action start! Select from 21 unique weapons with 2 fire modes, master them all and be unbeatable!...

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Anita's Job

Anita's Job (86%)

Everyone needs a vacation and an island is one the best places to go and relax. That was Maria's choice but Parrot Cay Cruise Line lost her luggage and she's really not that happy ...

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Family Rush

Family Rush (86%)

The devil was preparing a potion and he needed a child. So he kidnapped one. But he messed with the wrong family. Now all of its members are working together to defeat the army of ...

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3 Pandas in Japan

3 Pandas in Japan (86%)

The 3 pandas are back with a new adventure in the land of the dragon. Yes, this time they traveled to Japan where they managed to get in trouble the minute they put their paw on. N...

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Strike Force Commando

Strike Force Commando (86%)

You are part of an elite srike unit and you are trained for only one thing: to kill. Your current mission is to eliminate a number of heavily armed targets. Collect money and bonus...

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Pinata Hunter 3

Pinata Hunter 3 (86%)

How about smashing some pinata to get lots of candy? Well, it's quite simple. Grab your stick and hit the unicorn shaped object until it breaks and you get what you want! Collect t...

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Escape Plan: Office

Escape Plan: Office (86%)

You were working late at the office when you felt something strange. Then something happened and everything went black. You can't remember anything. All you know is that you woke u...

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Piggy Wiggy Nuts

Piggy Wiggy Nuts (85%)

You would do everything for your favorite food, right? Well, this piggy could do anything for nuts! Help him get them by drawing cords and reaching the nuts so that he can eat them...

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Stunt Dive

Stunt Dive (85%)

Are you ready to show some awesome diving moves? If yes, put on your bathing suit and get on the diving platform! Perform special air tricks, make a smooth landing and achieve a hi...

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Hill Climb Racing

Hill Climb Racing (85%)

Get on your car adventurer, it's time for some Hill Climb Racing! Drive your car on different fields, face unique challenges, reach new higher distances, collect gold and fuel, unl...

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Tangerine Tycoon

Tangerine Tycoon (85%)

How long can you keep on clicking to see a tangerine do some unusual stuff... like growing a moustache? Grow your tangerine, harvest, gamble and play the stock market. You will be ...

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Flopad: Deep Cover

Flopad: Deep Cover (84%)

Welcome back Detective. Are you ready for a new mission? This time, you will be deep undercover, so you need to be very careful. You mission is to retrieve an antivenom held in a s...

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Must Escape Dragon Cave

Must Escape Dragon Cave (83%)

You were visiting the Dragon Cave when you felt really tired. So you lied down on a bench and fell asleep. When you woke up everyone was gone and the door was locked! You have to f...

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