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Vortex Point 4



Adventure | Detective | Escape | Hidden object | Monster | Mouse | Point n click | Puzzle | Click | Mystery

In this episode of Vortex Point the team moves to a new office and just before they can celebrate, they receive another case! The team got reports of an entity barging in the homes of two neighbours and beats them till they are unconsious. Intrigued by the news our team takes on the case immediately and "Famous" Kevin goes to investigate the crime scene. What will they find? Who is this creature that can roam around without leaving any fingerprints? Why is Kevin so famous? Why am I asking so many questions? Find out on Vortex Point 4!

Point and click on the objects using your mouse to solve the mysterious crime.


Something happened in this house. Something... erie, we may say. Something we'd rather not..
Home Story: 1971
Home Story: 1971 78% Home Story: 1971