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Villain Glance



Action | Aiming | Bloody | Killing | Mouse | Shooter | Shooting | Sniper | Timing

You are a villain. Through and through. Of all the things you can do in the world, all you want is to kill, kill and kill. The crowded town center seems like the best place for satisfying your thirst. But, you failed to consider one simple fact. That they can see you! Make it so that they don't see you when you hunt the people down one by one. Stay away from their line of sight. If they do see you, you'll have to taste the power of the masses.

Move with WASD keys. Aim and shoot with your mouse.


You are Shawn Davidson, an agent tasked to hunt down a mafia boss named Mr. Johnson. You..
Sniper Assassin Story
Sniper Assassin Story 89% Sniper Assassin Story