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Uni Squad



Action | Defense | Ghost | Hero | Magic | Mouse | Soldier | Strategy | Upgrade | Click

The God of Time, Matter and All The Things That Actually Matter has spoken! He is bored because actually nothing ever matters to him. Seeking a new way of excitement he ordered all mankind to send him their best soliders and fighters! Their strongests! To fight hordes and hordes of enemies! For his own entertainment! Yeah he does that time to time. So build him an army as he commanded you -didn't I mention that? He did!- and bring glory and entertainment to him! Train your heroes to be stronger and stronger. Be the best commander of all times!

Choose heroes to fight for you against incoming enemies. Upgrade them to be stronger. Use your mouse to play.


Story of a Hero is a game about the epic story of a hero. This hero was unknown by many..
Story of a Hero
Story of a Hero 55% Story of a Hero