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2 player | Action | Labyrinth | Puzzle | Strategy

You are stuck in a world where the owner likes puzzles and also is a wacko. In this world every object has a mirror image. Even people has their counterparts. Naturally doors are portals and the owner of the world enjoys it - maybe a little too much. He puts you and your counterpart in a labyrinth for a dual. Who will escape first? Who will escape again? In this wicked world where even time is warped and goes on as a cycle, can you survive to end up in this labyrinth again and again? Live another day. Escape once more. Avoid being lost forever. Earn your freedom. Through the Teledoors.

Player 1 uses WASD keys. Player 2 uses the arrow keys. Reach the other side of the map. Try to block the other players way if possible.