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Super Lemonade Factory



Puzzle | Platform | Jump n run

Post World War II, a region in political turmoil... Andre’s father offers to give him his lemonade factory but on one condition; he and his wife Liselot, must journey through the entire factory, a task that is easier said than done. Andre and Liselot must combine their unique abilities to make it through each room together. Liselot can double jump, push small crates for Andre to climb on and talk to other characters. Andre can smash big crates and carry Liselot. Switch between the two characters to combine their abilities and get both of them to the exit. Along the way they’ll meet a cast of characters including the foreman, the chef, a food inspector and a general who wants the factory to supply drinks to the military, now engaged in a new war.

Use Arrow keys to move, X to dash, C to jump, V for action.