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Space Lord

You are Edwin, a normal kid with a normal life. One day, you're playing video games with..
Elf Story
Elf Story 84% Elf Story


Puzzle | Strategy | Logic | Space | Fun

You are Space Lord, and your goal is to command your spaceships that are ready to challenge any player! Note that you will not be able to defeat the player; you must design a fun combination for each wave by placing your ships on the grid. You don't have to place all of them, of course. Your waves shouldn't be too hard or too easy, or the player will quit the game. After you send a wave, the player will shoot the ships on real-time. Read the player's feedbacks to find out if your design works. There is also a fun-meter at the bottom, and you need to fill it to 100% and keep it from reaching zero! Each ship type has different characteristics, and it's up to you to discover them. Can you make the player have fun during the whole game?

Place ships with your mouse, click Send Wave button when you're ready.