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Silent Assassin: The Death of a Warlord

You are Shawn Davidson, an agent tasked to hunt down a mafia boss named Mr. Johnson. You..
Sniper Assassin Story
Sniper Assassin Story 89% Sniper Assassin Story


Action | Aiming | Gun | Shooter | Shooting | Sniper | Stickman | Strategy

He's silent. He's fast. He's discreet. The ones who know him describe him as invisible as a stick. Those who saw him, never get a chance to describe anything again. He's patient. He's deadly. He is the Silent Assassin. And this time, he hunts down a warlord. One by one starting by his henchmen he reaches his target. Like a tiger so agile you'd think it's stick. Play along and enjoy the deadly story of an assassin and the death of a warlord.

Zoom with Space. Aim and shoot with your mouse.