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Action | Adventure | Archery | Hero | Sword

You are a wandering hero without a shadow. You don't remember much about your past but you do know that it has something to do with the evil Queen of Shadows. She probably took it for her army. Get in this epic adventure, collect loot, gamble, upgrade your character and learn the truth about yourself.

Use arrow keys to move, X for melee attack, C for bow attack, A for interactions, T to sell items, down key to open doors and levers, tab for hero's stats, P for options.


Story of a Hero is a game about the epic story of a hero. This hero was unknown by many..
Story of a Hero
Story of a Hero 55% Story of a Hero
Take the role of a sword-wielding pirate and embark on an epic journey through a world..
Adventure Story
Adventure Story 87% Adventure Story