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Scary Hotel



Hidden object | House | Mouse | Point n click | Puzzle | Mystery

Henry, Ryan and little Anna are a scary looking family. Whether it is the house they live in, or its residents' odd behaviour, their house has always been avoided by the local folk and passerbys alike. Henry and Ryan decides to turn the house into a hotel in hopes of fixing its reputation. They hired you to find their missing objects in the house as they are busy with other issues. Each character has a different set of items they want you to find. So you can be good get paid and get out of this Scary House. Or, you can be a little curious and explore what secrets this mysterious house harbors!

Point and click with your mouse on the objects your quest giver wants you to find. The items are scattered through the rooms. If you cannot find an item in one room, try the others.


Something happened in this house. Something... erie, we may say. Something we'd rather not..
Home Story: 1971
Home Story: 1971 78% Home Story: 1971