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Room Raider



Action | Platform | Jump n run | Shooting | Monster | Gun

Shoot the monsters and pass through fifty rooms, try to clear as many rooms as you can before you get destroyed. Every time you clear a room, you will be randomly warped to one of the 50 rooms. You must clear every enemy in a room before you can advanced to the next random room. In every tenth room, you will receive more damage when you get hit. Every room you clear, you will gain a point. You have 10 different weapons and 6 type of room.

Blue Room: Normal Room
Red Room: Fire Room (Contains fire traps and lava)
Light Blue Room: Ice Room (Slip and Slide flooring)
Green Room: Wind Room (Fans blow you in a direction)
Orange Room: Earth Room (Falling Blocks)
B/W Room: Death Room (Reversed Controls)

Use Left and Right arrows to move, A key to jump and S to shoot.