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Ragdoll Clown



Action | Skill | Physics | Throwing | Platform

Control the clown and pass twenty unique dungeons, and open achievements! Sweep through the whole dungeon at the highest speed, collect as much bonuses as possible and try to get 5 stars!

A / Left Arrow - Left
D / Right Arrow - Right
W / Up Arrow - Up
R - Replay
Space - Level Map
Esc - Pause

- To jump higher, push the up button, while stars are falling;
- If you collect maximum bonuses for a short period of time, then you could get +1000 extra scores. That is the faster you collect bonuses, the higher number of extra scores you will have at the finish line;
- To look up the map push the SPACE button;
- With the help of switches you can open doors, switch on lifts, platforms, presses, and turn off electrical fields;
- Be attentive, in case of being pressed by the lift or platform, you might lose your life!
- Use light portals to teleport within the level. But you should avoid dark portals - they are dangerous!