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Action | Adventure | Avoiding | Ghost | Night | Platform | Skill

What do you have to lose when death arrives and takes you into her realm? What do you have left with you? Your wealth? Not likely. How about your soul? Why don't we ask this little soul, who drifted so far away from where he's supposed to be? Ask and he'll tell you. Nor the wealth, neither the soul remains. The only thing that remains is to will to exist. The persistance to pass onto the Goddess' realm even though he is said to have been quite the evil entity in his past life. Yet he persists. He thrives to overcome the obstacles and troubles the Goddess deliberately throws his way. He persists. And tries and tries. Help him with his endeavour. Because even the meanest souls deserve a second chance.

Move with your arrow keys. The Goddess may take away your ability to do some certain actions. Find a way to avoid the obstacles accordingly.