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Niwit Slide



Action | Racing | Ski | Snow | Sports | Upgrade | Winter

Niwit is the Tribe of the Ice in the world of OONi. Each year they celebrate the Niwit Slide race to find the new Champion of the Ninitak Mountains! This year, other tribes have challenged the Niwit to their own game in order to obtain the mighty Frostorch. Choose from 4 unique characters (when they're all unlocked), each with unique skills. Reach the best time on each track and try to achieve the gold medal! Collect coins to purchase upgrade, which you'll definitely need.

Use A and D or Left and Rigt arrow keys to Speed Down/Up. Press Up arrow or W to jump, Space bar to use special (except Zambu) and P to pause. Collect the speed (green) and jump (yellow) boosters while avoiding the purple slow traps. Don't forget to touch the checkpoints.