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Mr. Splibox 2

The evil Snow Boom stole the Splibox Elves' world and scared them away. So they turned to..
Mr. Splibox: Christmas Story
Mr. Splibox: Christmas Story Mr. Splibox: Christmas Stor..


Box | Funny | Logic | Physics | Platform | Puzzle

Mr. Splibox was faced to the most dangerous enemy: Smoking Astronaut! Mr. Splibox commanded hix boxes to attack but suddenly a mechanism worked and they were all trapped! Once again, his friends were all captured and it was up to him to save them. Help him complete levels and save his friends. Use spliboxes to solve puzzles, collect coins and beware of enemies!


The box is trapped in a house. No matter how hard it tries to get out, it can't do it..
Box Story
Box Story 46% Box Story