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Lil' Red Kunoichi



Action | Bloody | Jump n run | Jumping | Ninja | Platform

The Burning Fire Dragon Ninja Academy trains ninjas and kunoichi with a strong heart and undestructible mind. Students are expected to complete a series of trials. Akane is one of the top students to finish her training and now she is ready for her trials! But wait, who is that? Well if it isn't Akane's rival Aoi from Shining Jade Dagger Ninja Academy! She came here to sabotage Akane's trial so that she can't be a full fledged Kunoichi! Help Akane reach the red flag point as quickly as possible! Avoid any obstacles that may be placed in your way and most importantly eliminate Aoi before she sabotages Akane's current trial!

Use your arrow keys to move. Press A to jump. Press S to use your sword.