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Jewels Mania



Adventure | Collecting | Logic | Match three | Matching | Mouse | Puzzle | Treasure

Many many years ago, there lived a shah who loved his jewels and fortune so much. He loved it to the degree where it is - not for us to say but - a bit too much. So his Vizier, a smart and wise man was he, decided to teach the Shah a lesson. A lesson in which he can teach the Shah the real value of his treasure. The efforts made to find and cut all the gems the Shah then so effortlessly claims for himself. And to do that he created a mechanism to force the Shah into playing a game for removing the gems from their chamber. The Shah learned his lesson, and cherished this mechanism to teach his sons and daughters about the value of hardwork and intelligence. You as a modern day adventurer find the treasure however, you also found out that the mechanism still works to this day! So in order to remove and claim these gems you need yo solve the game! Good luck adventurer!

Click on the current gem group to rorate them. Match 3 gems to pop and claim them.