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Hordes and Lords



Action | Strategy | War | Upgrade | Battle

Once upon a time the kingdom of Ingelron were striken by the Heavens. When the capital was engulfed in the flames, it blew the palace to smithereens with the King. The country plunged into chaos. The robbers took from the rich, kept most and gave some to the poor...
Place your squads on the battlefield and command them as they face hordes of relentless enemies! Try to keep your causalities to a minimum and emerge from each battle victorious. Collect loot, which you will only get to keep if you win the battle. Use your loot to hire and upgrade squads.

Use your mouse to place units (click and drag to rotate). Click on unit or flag to select, point and click where to move.You can also use number keys 1-8 to select squad. If you cannot complete a level, try to replay previous and get money for upgrades. Good luck!