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Flagstaff Chapter Three



Archery | Battle | Dungeon | Escape | Fight | Hero | Magic | Rpg | Witch | Wizard

Adventure continues! In Flagstaff's this chapter, our heroes land on the Former Ice Caverns while attempting to escape Atilla the Pun's dungeons when he decided to blow everything up! They arrive in the Ice caverns only to learn it is full of humidity now and the demons use the steam power to regenerate energy. Afraid their presence in a legitimate business will ruin their reputation, the Ice Demons decided to attack our heroes! Time to escape the Former Ice Caverns formerly known as Ice Caverns!

At the begining of the game do not forget to assign points to your heroes. Move the map with arrow keys. Select a hero then click where you want it to go on the map to move a hero. This is a turn based game. A turn must be spent each time every hero on the team uses their skills to reset their move limit and their skill usage. Good luck!


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