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Adventure | Dungeon | Strategy | Battle | Rpg

The Mad King turned his formerly happy rutabagas into evil monsters to guard the kingdom, while he is looking for the magic recipe of Royal Rutabaga Pudding. Play as a knight, a thief, or a wizard, each with his unique ability, and embark on an adventure to rescue the poor rutabagas, and find the Gem of Truth! Fight monsters, collect treasure and get rid of traps in the dungeon! Blue spots are either items or healing spots, yellow is treasure, orange are traps, and red are monsters, most of which can move around freely. You need to descend deep into the dungeon, find a key and return to the locked door to complete a level. Can you uncover the secret recipe before the King eats everyone?

Use Arrow keys to move (navigate by the map). Your hero is marked with an arrow that show you the direction he's facing. Press 1 and 2 to use item, M to show map, Space bar to pick up an item.