Exmortis Part 2



Bloody | Hidden object | Horror | Mouse | Point n click | Puzzle | Scary | Tale | Click | Mystery

The Exmortis have descended upon the people and many of the Earth's population is now dead. J. Hannay have been searching the ways to undone th Exmortis, wipe it from the Earth's face and his latest findings have led him to a church. What will happen from here on? What will he find? The plot thickens as well as the red mist in the sky that reeks of death and sorrow.

Point and click on the objects to interract with them and solve the mystery Mr. Hannay have been searching for.


Something happened in this house. Something... erie, we may say. Something we'd rather not..
Home Story: 1971
Home Story: 1971 76% Home Story: 1971