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Elf Story



Action | Adventure | Puzzle | Point n click | Escape

You are Edwin, a normal kid with a normal life. One day, you're playing video games with your girlfriend and all's good. You're about to beat your favorite game of all time, The Legend of Hooligan, when suddenly, Lord Gorn (the warlock within the game) reaches into the reality realm and nabs your girlfriend! Oh my, lord! Panicking, you throw a wild punch and miss, leaving Lord Gorn with a perfect opportunity to smash your face in. Before you know it, you're laying unconscious, on the floor of your room. Assume the role of Edwin, who later becomes Elfmin, on a 10 scene quest to try and find your girlfriend while battling off vicious enemies! (+13)

[TIP: Bandit Elf Archer Scene]: Everyone seems to keep missing the 4th arrow. That's done intentionally. The 4th arrow is much faster and at a slightly lower angle than the first 3 arrows. After you block the 4th arrow, quickly click on the bandit elf to choose his death.


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