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Board | Logic | Puzzle

Diam is played an octogonal board of 8 pawns. Each player has 8 pawns of 2 colours. At his turn, a player puts a pawn on the gameboard or moves a pawn. The pawns can be stacked on the same space until a height of 4 pawns. A pawn can be moved from one space, all the pawns above are then moved at the same time. The winner is the first plaer who creates a Diam with one of their colours. A Diam is created when 2 pawns of identical colour are at the same stack level face to face (on 2 diametricall opposed spaces). The lowest level is not taken into account. If 2 Diam are created at the same time, the higher Diam wins.You have the red pawns the yellow pawns. To move a pawn, click on it. Release the mouse and click on the place where you want to put the pawn