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Christmas Hurly Burly



Brain | Christmas | Fun | Logic | Puzzle

In the Picross game Christmas Hurly Burly, you can help Santa arrange the presents on the board to complete the nonogram puzzles. Look at the numbers placed along the top and side of the board. Each number indicates a sequence of presents. For example, the numbers "4, 2" in front of one row tell you that this row contains a sequence of four presents lined up next to each other, a break of at least one free cell, followed by a set of two presents. Look at the numbers listed above the columns and match them up with the ones in front of the rows to see where you should place all the presents. It's often easiest to begin with the largest numbers. These types of puzzles are also called Griddlers. Can you solve them all? The first puzzles are relatively easy, but boards become bigger, containing more complex layouts the further you get.