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Castle Commander



Action | Tower defense | Defence | Strategy | Upgrade | Battle

The land of Davana is sinking and the king is dead. You are his heir and it falls to you to lead your people to higher ground. Will you be able to resist the temptations of tyranny as you lead your army across besieged lands and your lust for power continues to grow? Follow the engaging story as you slowly realise that you may not have been fighting on the side of good after all...
Your goal is to capture all of the castles. The captured castles will automatically produce units as long as you have enough gold, which is also produced by your castles. You can unlock spells between battles and use them to aid your units in battle.

Click and drag to create a selection box around the desired units. Click again to issue orders to your units. Capture castles by positioning units nearby to them. Press Space bar to deselect units or spells.
Click on a spell to activate it, click again to cast it. Alternatively use the number hot-keys. Press Escape or P key to pause the game.