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Bubble Panda



Animal | Avoiding | Bubble | Collecting | Puzzle | Timing

Sifu Panda has been mastering the art of Bubble Fu for a very long time. Everyday he sits across the dawning sun, meditates and thinks on important stuff. On what, you may ask. Yes, I will tell you. No no, not on inner harmony. No, not on world peace either. Nope, not on the well being of his students, no. He thinks on...when will be the next meal! Everyday he has to get up, walk to the gong and ring it to make his students bring food to him! That is extremely tiresome of course! Now mastering the Bubble Fu and meditating on a way to ring the gong without getting up, Sifu Panda has finally come up with a way! Help him get to the gong without getting caught up in the traps he set for his students' training! Go!

Click on Sifu Panda for a bubble to appear around him. Click again to pop the bubble. Try to get as many stars as you can get.