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You are Shawn Davidson, an agent tasked to hunt down a mafia boss named Mr. Johnson. You..
Sniper Assassin Story
Sniper Assassin Story 89% Sniper Assassin Story


Action | Adventure | Aiming | Bloody | Hunting | Platform | Shooter | Shooting | Sniper

In the Badland, there's not much to do. You either die or you survive. You either shoot or get shot. You either become the hunter or you become the hunted. In the Badland where right or wrong and criminals or heroes are seperated with but one thin line, can this Bounty Hunter preserve the good in him? Can he apprehend the most evil of the criminals you have ever seen? Can he manage to not succumb to the humane darkness in him? Play and find out on Badland!

Move with WASD keys. Tap W twice to double jump. Tap A and D twice to run. Press Space to interract with objects and use your mouse to aim and shoot.