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Atomic Creep Spawner



Action | Defense | Hero | Monster | Mouse | Point n click | Strategy | Timing | Click

You are the Overlord of a dandy castle and you were minding your own evil business one day when a snobbish rude little hero breaks your castle gate, barges in without even saying "Hello!" and starts pillaging your hard earned treasure! He even tries to destroy your Unholy Power Orbs! They are the power source of your humble castle for Creep's sake! Being the kind gentlemenly Overlord you are, you decide to greet him with your spawned Creeps but oh dear! He starts swinging his dastardly sword at them! Like they were nothing but mere undead! This was the last straw! You decide to be a little less gentlemenly and attack him with whatever you have. And that was the story of how you got the title "Atomic Creep Spawner"!

Click on the darker places of your castle dungeon to spawn your monsters. Hero's light will prevent them from spawning.


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