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Anaksha: Female Assassin

You are Shawn Davidson, an agent tasked to hunt down a mafia boss named Mr. Johnson. You..
Sniper Assassin Story
Sniper Assassin Story 89% Sniper Assassin Story


Action | Bloody | City | Killing | Shooter | Shooting | Sniper

A city so deep in filth that all hope for it seems lost. The ones with the power are already corrupt and the ones with no power are victims. There's but one person to take action. One person who tries everything to eradicate the scum that live in the city so it can breathe again. One angel of death. One lone killer. One female assassin. Anaksha is her name. And she's ready to blow the minds of these scumbags. Literally!

Read your missions carefully. Enter scope vision with Space. Press Q to zoom in and A to zoom out. Shoot with your Left Mouse Button.