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Escape Crazy Castle

Escape Crazy Castle (67%)

The brave knight traveled from far away, slaying dragons on his way. He stopped to drink water from a well, but he felt tired afterwards so he sat down to take a rest. A troll was ...

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We Have a Problem

We Have a Problem (52%)

We have a problem Houston! This little astronaut is alone in space and it turns out, space is a very very dangerous place. There are lethal blades everywhere and it's almost as if ...

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Escape Mad Scientist Workshop

Escape Mad Scientist Workshop (65%)

You live next to a mad scientist. Your brother dared you to go take a look inside so you went to peek through the basement window... and you saw a strange covered body in there. Yo...

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Flopad: Deep Cover

Flopad: Deep Cover (84%)

Welcome back Detective. Are you ready for a new mission? This time, you will be deep undercover, so you need to be very careful. You mission is to retrieve an antivenom held in a s...

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Must Escape Dragon Cave

Must Escape Dragon Cave (83%)

You were visiting the Dragon Cave when you felt really tired. So you lied down on a bench and fell asleep. When you woke up everyone was gone and the door was locked! You have to f...

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Must Escape the Shopping Mall

Must Escape the Shopping Mall (86%)

It's Christmas season and you were working late in the mall. Before you knew what happened, they closed the doors, leaving you locked inside! The weather is bad and there's probabl...

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Must Escape the Lighthouse Island

Must Escape the Lighthouse Island (81%)

Your boat sank and you found yourself on a deserted island. There's no one around but strangely, there are locked houses as if someone was living here not so long ago. You wouldn't...

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Escape the Harvest Festival

Escape the Harvest Festival (84%)

It's my favorite time of year, when we all come together and celebrate the harvest festival! But something strange happened in my grandparents' farm, and everyone has suddenly disa...

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Tricky Shot

Tricky Shot (83%)

Your goal is to move and rotate the given blocks to guide the ball into the basket! You can also speed up the ball with boosters placing them in the path of the ball, or change the...

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Magic Aromas

Magic Aromas (86%)

Abby has a passion to grow flowers and mix them to make unique fragrances for her customers. She wants to be known as the best aroma maker ever, and to do so, she needs to work ver...

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Max Skyler: Stolen Relic

Max Skyler: Stolen Relic (85%)

The governor's relic has been stolen and you are the only one who can get it back! Take the role of the private detective, Max Skyler, and investigate the crime by following the cl...

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Risen: Level Pack

Risen: Level Pack (85%)

The ancient god has risen, but now his son is trapped in the temple. Help him to escape from the hands of the God of the underworld by solving all puzzles! Can you find the way to ...

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Must Escape the Temple

Must Escape the Temple (87%)

A nice trip in the jungle seemed like a good idea, until you got caught by local people! You tried to be friendly with them, but the chieftain locked you inside their holy temple. ...

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Must Escape the Fortress

Must Escape the Fortress (90%)

The king and his mighty knights should have left to defend the upper castle. Seems there is no one here now, there is also no reason to stay here anymore! If they can leave you beh...

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Must Escape the Bakery

Must Escape the Bakery (87%)

I've just came into my favorite bakery to buy some delicious muffins and donuts, but there is obviously not a single person around. Bad luck, I think I should leave, because no one...

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Risen (86%)

The world is in danger, and it's the right time to rise the ancient god. Find the power of teleportation that will allow you to make your way through the pyramid, solve the puzzles...

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Must Escape the Clock Tower

Must Escape the Clock Tower (88%)

You finally got round to visit the clock tower, but you noticed that it was closed because of restoration. Furthermore, the great clock was broken! You were about to leave, but the...

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Your Own Box

Your Own Box (77%)

You found your old little friend Hem's box, I mean home, in your room. Wondering why it looks so arranged as a play field, you decided to give it a try. Your goal is to make Hem ju...

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Candy Crusher

Candy Crusher (86%)

The little candy monster found the Candyland and thought that he could eat as many sweets as he wanted now! But he'll have to watch out for every step he makes, because Candyland i...

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Candy Fun

Candy Fun (89%)

Produce the sweetest candies, chocolates and gums in your candy factory and try to earn 1 million dollars as fast as you can! Order supplies, deliver them to the related candy mach...

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Must Escape the Museum

Must Escape the Museum (89%)

After a journey to explore the history of space, dinosaurs, ancient mummies and wild Western life, you found yourself asleep in the museum. You woke up in the middle of an awesome ...

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Survival Farm

Survival Farm (87%)

Grow crops in the backyard farm and grab your weapon to shoot the zombies at the same time - you are the only brave one who can take charge of this camp! Buy new seeds, barriers or...

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Escape Snowy Mountain

Escape Snowy Mountain (85%)

You were traveling by your private plane when the engine caught fire because of a bird strike. You've made an emergency landing on the snowy mountain to survive, but it seems like ...

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In Couples

In Couples (84%)

These cute pets in love cannot get together without your help, so get ready to act like Cupid! However this time, instead of a magic arrow, you'll have a yummy sausage!
Use your m...

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Tommy Slingshot

Tommy Slingshot (87%)

You worked up a sweat mastering the slingshot to be the best marksman of this land, and you made it. You've always hit the bull's-eye, not only with your abilities but also with yo...

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Dragocubes Valley

Dragocubes Valley (84%)

These mythical cubical creatures (as known as dragocubes) turned your pleasant town into a desert and they must be stopped! Send the dragocubes off the field by shooting them. You ...

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Sea Farm

Sea Farm (91%)

Run your sea farm in an underwater world where having a Golden Idol is the highest honor for a farmer! Grow sea plants and sell them to make enough money, develop your farm continu...

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Must Escape the Wizard's Castle

Must Escape the Wizard's Castle (91%)

The Wizard's Castle is a wonderful place to discover for an adventurer, but has many magic powers that can be dangerous! Once you enter, the door will lock behind you and it will n...

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Escape the Red Planet

Escape the Red Planet (86%)

Your spaceship has crashed on the Red Planet! Look around everywhere to find useful items that may help you repair your ship. Can you get back home from here?

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Slime Quest

Slime Quest (87%)

Begin your first quest as a slime to explore the new world full of sweet foods! Fill yours and others' stomach, collect the precious red gems, avoid dangers and get to the exit as ...

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Block'n Blocks

Block'n Blocks (82%)

Fill the board with the missing planks so that each circle of the same color is adjacent!
Click to rotate a shape before placing it. Once you complete the tutorial, you'll have a ...

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Factory Rush

Factory Rush (86%)

Earn 1 million dollars by running your new factory and prove your hard work! Produce goods, order supply units when you need and sell your products as quickly as you can by shippin...

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NeoLife (88%)

Simply knock the blue ball off the screen, cutting the ropes and using the neon orange balls. Can you complete all 30 levels?
Use your mouse to cut the ropes.

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Escape the Candy Factory

Escape the Candy Factory (85%)

While running after candies, you got lost and ended up locked inside the candy factory! Can you figure out how to escape?

Point and click to collect useful items and solve the puz...

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Farm Time

Farm Time (90%)

How much time will you spend to be a successful farmer? Your goal is to save $ 20.000 by growing crops and selling them with the help of your truck, buying new animals that will gi...

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Must Escape the Ice Castle

Must Escape the Ice Castle (89%)

You were thinking it would be nice to explore this great castle, just before the King imprisoned you! He will show no mercy to the intruders; you must find his weakness to escape f...

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Zombie Cure

Zombie Cure (84%)

You have discovered a new formula that will cure the zombies and transform them into humans. But you still need some time to perfectionise the serum! Pour the milk, syrups and the ...

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Maker of Arms

Maker of Arms (85%)

The King has chosen you as his new weapon-smith! And he has a list of weapons that you have to make before he goes to war. Can you make it?

Click on the castle to see the list of ...

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Must Escape the Pet Shop

Must Escape the Pet Shop (88%)

You spent so much time at the pet shop that you don't remember how you fell asleep! You must be exhausted taking care of these cute creatures! Search for useful items and deactivat...

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Stackerix (82%)

Build a tower up to the line, without letting the blocks of the same color touch each other. Make sure your tower stands for three seconds!

Press A or D key to rotate the selected...

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A Pig In A Poke

A Pig In A Poke (83%)

Launch the balls using your cannon and send the cats into the bags of fish! Avoid touching the dogs, they'll hurt the cats!

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Iron Mountain

Iron Mountain (84%)

When your car is broken into pieces, the bad robots imprisoned you in the Iron Mountain. Move the boxes, activate the devices, explode the bombs without getting hurt, collect keys ...

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Flying Penguins

Flying Penguins (83%)

These penguins found a new way to fly safe! Send your super birds out to give the penguins freedom, shoot your cannon to protect them. Watch out for spikes, bears and hunters!


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Pharaoh's Second Life

Pharaoh's Second Life (89%)

Have you ever wondered what would happen if you had given a second chance to live? A pharaoh is given one! However, he has to escape the pyramid first so that he can explore the ne...

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Magnetic (86%)

Activate the magnetic runes along your way and try to collect all the stars in each level! Can you make it to the end?
Press Space bar to activate a rune.

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Camp Pine

Camp Pine (86%)

Camp Pine is a place where you can prove your skills as a team mate. Take your chance! Scout around for useful items and help the friendly alien repair his ship without getting not...

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Colonize (89%)

What if you discovered a new planet? Would you be able to rule a city? Let's see!
Your objective is to found a colony of 2.000 aliens (at least ) and have a popularity rating of 10...

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Escape the Roller Rink

Escape the Roller Rink (87%)

You were supposed to meet your friends at the roller rink but they all went to a party! You must first find a way to get out and make it to the party as soon as possible!

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Crazy Golf Cart

Crazy Golf Cart (82%)

Drive your golf cart through the forest, jump over dangerous ramps and be the craziest golf cart driver ever! Finish each race as fast as possible to get an achievement and earn ca...

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Adrift (79%)

This is a story of a boy who tries to get a letter to his dad who is a pilot. Therefore, he decided to attend the kite festival and purchase the Phoenix Kite! So you think he can g...

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Cuttle Invasion

Cuttle Invasion (83%)

Prevent your enemies from breaking through the wall! Collect inks and bring them to the Captain's collector to destroy the cuttlefishes. Buy upgrades in the end of each level and s...

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Must Escape the Farm

Must Escape the Farm (89%)

I decided to visit my grandparents at farm, but they are not there and the barn is locked. There must be something wrong with this place! Help me find the truck's key and escape th...

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Fish Fun

Fish Fun (91%)

Your objective is to maintain an aquarium, keep your fishes healthy and find all 30 species of fish. You can buy 7 fishes at Shop, but you can have different species by breeding th...

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Must Escape the Playground

Must Escape the Playground (87%)

You were playing hide-and-seek with your friends after school, but you fell asleep while hiding and now you are all alone! It's time to play around and escape from the playground b...

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Weirdos vs Flyers

Weirdos vs Flyers (85%)

The weirdo land is under attack! Build a defense by placing weirdos in strategic places and using magic skills to not let the flying enemies reach the flag. Get prepared, weirdos!

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Mouse and Guns

Mouse and Guns (85%)

Defend yourself against attacking monsters, try to shoot them all, collect the health and money particles, and buy new guns and abilities... You must destroy the cheese helicopter ...

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Tropical Farm Fun

Tropical Farm Fun (92%)

Get ready to plant seeds, harvest crops and run a tropical farm. Use the tools to plow and harvest faster, water your plants regularly. You should work hard to level up and unlock ...

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Must Escape the Island

Must Escape the Island (90%)

Your boat got damaged from a boat storm, and you found yourself in an island full of mysterious totems. Find useful items to repair your boat and leave the island as soon as possib...

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Hospital Fun

Hospital Fun (85%)

Running a hospital requires good skills in training, organizing, managing; and more importantly a smiling face! You should follow the patients’ needs and treat them fast. I mean ...

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Flopad Supercharged

Flopad Supercharged (90%)

This is your third mission as one of the most skilled detectives in Floteam. Use your Flopad to travel through Paris and infiltrate a secret facility in Tour du Guet. You need to f...

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Fly Meow

Fly Meow (88%)

Meow saw the love in her eyes, just before she got on car... and it is impossible for him to catch up with a car! But it seems he won't give up so fast!

Use left button mouse or S...

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RoboBird (83%)

The aliens took Robobird's eggs! They think she can't do anything, but they are missing one thing: Robobird can fly and upgrade her skills!
Let's find the best strategy to destroy ...

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Shatter Bot

Shatter Bot (91%)

Dr Arkadian can't wait to test his new Shatter Bot on the course! Shatter Bot has to destroy all the drones along the way and get to the exit door. But attention, his energy is no...

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Must Escape the Ice Cave

Must Escape the Ice Cave (87%)

It was a funny day in the snow until you fell into a hole and found yourself in an ice cave! Find the little yetis and collect all the crystals to get out of the cave. The way of e...

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Burying Zombies

Burying Zombies (82%)

Our fear has come true and zombies have escaped from the cemetery! Send the zombies back to the ground and save the human race!
Click to remove the blocks and release the chains to...

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Village Fun

Village Fun (89%)

Future mayors, come here and get ready to create a cosy village! Start by building roads, rivers and trees to gain flare. Once you have enough flare, build houses and increase your...

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Must Escape the Burger Joint

Must Escape the Burger Joint (87%)

You were supposed to close the burger joint but it seems like someone has locked you up in there. Now it’s time to escape the burger joint! Follow the clues that will help you fi...

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Burning Story

Burning Story (80%)

You had the time of your life at summer camp. In honour of the last day of camping, you will get a basket of fireworks! But you have to find it to get it!
Build platforms and ge...

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Square Adventures

Square Adventures (87%)

The squares are trying to get rid of this dangerous place where the totems have been captured by the dark forces. They will do everything to save their peaceful world!

Move wi...

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Night Robbers

Night Robbers (89%)

Barry and Larry are two cousins skilled in robbery. But they only steal from the rich and give it to the poor, that's their way of justice! Use Arrow keys to move Larry, press C on...

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Must Escape the Factory

Must Escape the Factory (88%)

I woke up all alone in the factory while waiting for my friend. I can't get out, because the exit door is jammed! I should find a screwdiver to open it, but how?

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Squish (79%)

Don't lose yourself in the mystery of dimensions!

Use Arrows keys to move, S to jump and A to SQUISH! Travel between two platforms to collect all the marbles and open the exit d...

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Garden Fun

Garden Fun (87%)

Follow me to gain experience in gardening! Start by plowing your plots with the help of the Spade shovel. Open the Shop menu to buy some seeds and then click on an empty plot. Wate...

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Spooky Night Escape

Spooky Night Escape (85%)

I was riding home late at night but my car ran out of gas and stopped in the middle of this spooky road. Now I must try to find some objects and fill my gas can with fuel. Can I ge...

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Business Fun

Business Fun (88%)

Your grandfather bequeathed this entire plaza to you on the condition that you open a shopping mall! His dream was to build his own shopping mall, and make people happy while makin...

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New York City Gangs

New York City Gangs (84%)

New York city is getting more and more dangerous because of these young gangsters! It's time to put an end to this madness and give them a good lesson!

Use Arrow keys to move. Z...

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Potion Fun

Potion Fun (89%)

Filbert tries his best to become the best potion maker of the land. Help him by growing herbs, and then mix the correct ones to create magic potions.
The recipes are top secret; ...

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Edgestone (84%)

I am glad to see you again agent! Your secret mission is to penetrate Edgestone, and find the alien being that is held captive there. You are the only one who can break their secur...

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Real Estate Fun

Real Estate Fun (89%)

Get started in the real estate business! Buy an empty lot, build your home, upgrade and sell it for saving money. Find the most profitable way to sell your homes!

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Goosplosion (88%)

Let the Goosplosion begin! Use your skills to explode Regular Goo, Angry Goo, Cocky Goo, Crazy Goo and Serious Goo. Cause chain Goo reactions!

Click and drag mouse to aim, relea...

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Lost Trio

Lost Trio (85%)

Dinx, Cole and Gina got caught while exploring the old castle and thrown into the dungeon by the mad wizard. They can't sit and wait for their destiny; an escape plan is a must! Yo...

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Flopad: Underground

Flopad: Underground (91%)

Your next mission as the lead detective of Floteam is to recover a power crystal that is being held in an underground facility in Brazil. Follow the clues of the scientist Mitch Re...

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Hedgehog War

Hedgehog War (80%)

Ready for a challenging war between hedgehogs? Use your skills to protect your own mushroom house and attack many others!

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Metal Power

Metal Power (85%)

Mr. Metal has not discovered yet his power! Can you get him to the power source?

Click left mouse button to zoom out the metal objects, hold Shift or Space bar to zoom into them...

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Crops vs Cogs

Crops vs Cogs (86%)

Soil your plants to protect the sunflower from evil cogs! Grow your defensive seeds and collect the cogs to get power. You are the new hope of the plants!

Click on a seed, once ...

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Barbarians at the Gates

Barbarians at the Gates (90%)

Build a defense barrier and get the barbarians out of your kingdom!
Hire archers or buy cannons, increase their range and speed, purchase special skills to burn or freeze your en...

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Flopad (90%)

Congratulations, you have been selected to be a part of the Floteam! Follow Tony Chan's clues and try to find the lost anti-virus. Your Flopad is ready for your service; use GPS fe...

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Jungle Fun

Jungle Fun (86%)

Jungle Boy is after the lost treasure!
Do you think he will be able to handle the wild animals and pass the jungle without any trouble? Join Jungle Boy in this adventure and get ...

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Lost Cabin

Lost Cabin (86%)

What is this weird place full of totems and strange objects? Am I captured by a magician or a scientist? Help me get back home, it seems like it’s not going to be easy!

Tips: ...

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Blockoids (84%)

Get ready for Blockoids!

Remove the yellow platforms by clicking on them. Use the blue balls and avoid evil bombs; join Blockoids of the same color together. Will you able to b...

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Little Sheep

Little Sheep (82%)

This sheep seems lost! Left click and drag your mouse to draw a path for the sheep, so he can reach the flag safely. Don't let him fall!

Once you draw, click on Go!

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Silly Bombs and Space Invaders

Silly Bombs and Space Invaders (87%)

Fire up the silly bombs and save the friendly aliens!
Attention; you have limited bombs in each level. Destroy cactuses, collect bonuses and use fewer bombs to get the best score...

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Best Farm

Best Farm (93%)

This is the best farm ever! Your objective is to run a successful farm by managing 10 different types of factories -all at once! Plant seeds, water and harvest the crops, sell them...

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Save My Monsters

Save My Monsters (84%)

The dungeon may be scary even for a monster! Do your plan carefully and save your monsters! Manipulate the blocks, destroy the bridges, use the magic orbs and be the hero!


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Mystic Garden

Mystic Garden (87%)

Welcome to the Mystic Garden! This place was created by a powerful magician long ago. We haven’t had a visitor for years! Feel free to walk around, and if you would like to leave...

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Must Escape the Subway

Must Escape the Subway (87%)

You were riding home late and fell asleep. You woke up all alone in an empty subway car.
And now... you must escape the subway!

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Cow Barn

Cow Barn (89%)

Care for your cows and make money to grow your dairy empire!

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Must Escape the Castle

Must Escape the Castle (89%)

You were exploring the castle and the king had you thrown in to the dungeon. Now you must escape the castle.

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Octopost (92%)

Octopost is a colorful launch game. The goal is to deliver 7 underwater letters with Octopus-postman. You can upgrade your hero (18 different upgrades including accelerators, surfb...

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Nicole Adventures in Atlantis

Nicole Adventures in Atlantis (80%)

You found the lost city of Atlantis and now you must find the Diamond Eye.

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Woodcutter (84%)

Build path with boxes, woods, lifts and trees to get to the acorn-house. Collect acorns, berries and coins. Don't hit to catches.

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Must Escape The Sewer

Must Escape The Sewer (90%)

You were walking down the street late at night and you fell into the sewer. Now you must escape the sewer.

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Zoo Fun

Zoo Fun (87%)

Build your very own zoo !

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Polygon Racer 3D

Polygon Racer 3D (84%)

Polygon Racer 3D is a racing game in which the player must race against the clock in a rally across the USA. There are 12 races in total, each corresponding to a state of the Unite...

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Nicole Adventure in Greenland

Nicole Adventure in Greenland (83%)

This time Nicole is in Greenland.

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Air Maze

Air Maze (81%)

Fly on the balloons through the maze avoiding obstacles.

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Giga Miner

Giga Miner (87%)

You must mine your way to riches by mining for minerals and gems to sell.

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Old Constructor

Old Constructor (86%)

Click to select a shape then balance it on the existing platform. Press A and D to rotate shapes. Use all the shapes to pass the level.

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Farm Business

Farm Business (90%)

The object of this game is to earn 1 million dollars within 2 years growing oranges.

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Nicole Adventures in Mexico

Nicole Adventures in Mexico (84%)

Nicole is in Mexico to find the Aztec god of war.

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Must Escape the Rooftop

Must Escape the Rooftop (87%)

You went on the roof to check things out. The door locked behind you. Now you must escape the rooftop!

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Gate Defense

Gate Defense (87%)

Defend the city gate from waves of reavers.

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Magic Collector

Magic Collector (80%)

Use your magic spells and run! You must collect all magic stars!

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Pizza Point

Pizza Point (89%)

Can you run a Pizza business?

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World Basketball Championship

World Basketball Championship (94%)

Select your team and play in World Championship. Use your left mouse click to throw ball in basket.

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Nicole Adventures in Egypt

Nicole Adventures in Egypt (85%)

Nicole is in Egypt to find the Pharaoh's tomb..

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Escape the 13th Floor

Escape the 13th Floor (89%)

While walking home late one night a car stopped and you heard a strange voice. That voice is the last thing you can remember…

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Avalon Siege

Avalon Siege (86%)

Use 6 types of ammo, and try to conquer all kingdoms on the island.

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Nicole Adventures in the Far East

Nicole Adventures in the Far East (86%)

In each ancient civilization there is a hidden medallion. Find four medallions in order to find the Diamond Eye.
It can make any wish come true.

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Hardball Frenzy 2

Hardball Frenzy 2 (85%)

Point and click to shoot at the green balls and take them out. Don't the touch the red balls though.Remove all the glassy blocks but make sure you don't take out one that you will ...

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Speed Escape 4

Speed Escape 4 (86%)

There are 3 different areas that you must escape. You have 5 minutes to escape each area.

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AlienRoll (82%)

Cool casual physics-based remover game, with 30 levels and achievements.

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Year 2012

Year 2012 (87%)

The world is going to end. Save yourself.

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Lover (85%)

Help lovers come together.

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Secret Seekers – Lost Forest

Secret Seekers – Lost Forest (85%)

You have been given a map of the lost forest. The village was constructed in the trees to keep hidden. There is said to be treasure hidden somewhere in the lost forest, you must co...

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Frozen Money

Frozen Money (83%)

Simply crush ice blocks and catch the money! 20 different levels, 7 subjects for purchase.

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Flophone - Restricted

Flophone - Restricted (91%)

This time we need you to fly to Paris where a German spy named Alina Beitzel is expected to be storing stolen hard drives that contain highly classified data.

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Farm Fun

Farm Fun (93%)

Run your own farm. Plant some vegetable or fruit, or sell the chicken egg.

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Block Distraction

Block Distraction (82%)

The aim of the game is to destroy the blocks to gain as much points as possible. Distractions are a way to slow you down by making it more difficult to destroy the blocks.

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Escape Space

Escape Space (85%)

You are located on a spacecraft somewhere in space. You are unaware how you got here. Collect items and use them to get back to earth.

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Amuse Park

Amuse Park (93%)

Start your own amuse park; make your visitors happy and earn money.

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Trial XIII

Trial XIII (80%)

Each room has one exit. Solve puzzles to activate exits.

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Hardball Frenzy

Hardball Frenzy (87%)

Just point and shoot .

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Speed Escape 3

Speed Escape 3 (88%)

There are 3 different areas that you must escape. You have 5 minutes to escape each area.

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Bob the Thief

Bob the Thief (81%)

Get all the money and quit. Beware of traps and distractions.

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Secret Seekers - Copperhead

Secret Seekers - Copperhead (86%)

It's said that there is a secret that lies deep within Copperhead, an old ghost town that has been empty since the gold rush. As a Secret Seeker you explore areas like this one try...

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Buboomy (80%)

Match and select three or more Buboomis of the same color and burst them.

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Twin Escape

Twin Escape (84%)

The twins are locked in this strange place. Switch between them and collect items to get them both out of here !

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Supersonic Speeders

Supersonic Speeders (89%)

Try to break the sound barrier as you race down heart pumping tracks at blistering speeds. Fast paced racing down 4 different endless tracks, lots of upgrades including 4 different...

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Flophone - Interception

Flophone - Interception (91%)

A man named Leon Segur, is about to pick up one of the largest diamonds man has ever laid eyes on. The diamond was stolen from the United Museum a few days ago. We have the locati...

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Jurassic Drive

Jurassic Drive (86%)

Drive down in the dinasour jungle and escape the chasing dinasour which follows you to your city and win.

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Dinx-School Spirit

Dinx-School Spirit (86%)

School trophy has been stolen. Go to the school and see what you can find.

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Planet F

Planet F (86%)

Create the planet by selecting the icons in any order, the order of which you choose will result in different outcomes. Achieve all maximum levels to win.

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Speed Escape 2

Speed Escape 2 (90%)

There are 3 different areas that you must escape. You have 5 minutes to escape each area.

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Bike Tricks

Bike Tricks (81%)

Perform tricks by replicating the symbols on the mat. Use the mouse to draw gestures anywhere on the screen.

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Flophone - Top Secret

Flophone - Top Secret (90%)

This time you have to take 4 photos and retrieve a top secret CD from a research facility. Good Luck!

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Mad Truck

Mad Truck (82%)

Try to finish each level within 60 seconds.

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Stonepunk (93%)

A scientist was working on a new transportation vehicle in the stoneage. Help him to travel around the world by upgrading the vehicle after every try.

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Kidnapped by Robots

Kidnapped by Robots (84%)

The last thing I knew, the robots brought me here ! I must get out…

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Top Basketball

Top Basketball (91%)

Use your left mouse click to shoot the ball into the basket.

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Dinx - Mystery Mansion

Dinx - Mystery Mansion (85%)

We have been tracking a valuable painting that was stolen from the museum.
We have had a tip that the thief in the mansion down the road from your house.
The suspect will be out...

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Bike Upgrade

Bike Upgrade (85%)

Buy upgrades and show your skills with your bike.

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Troglodytes (81%)

Your goal is to move your Troglodytes to the upper border of the board.

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Dodge Please

Dodge Please (90%)

Dodge all yellow balls by controlling your blue ball with mouse.

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Speed Escape

Speed Escape (89%)

There are 3 different areas that you must escape. You have 5 minutes to escape each area.

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Dirtbike Fun

Dirtbike Fun (82%)

Ride your dirtbike over all the obstacles. There is no time limit. Just for fun.

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Santa's List

Santa's List (83%)

All of the elves went on vacation and Santa has lost his list. Help Santa find his list so all of the children have a merry Christmas.

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Mothership Warfare

Mothership Warfare (92%)

The goal of the game is to destroy the enemy mothership by changing the force balance.
You must not let the enemy units to get to your ship, instead you have to get your units to ...

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Flophone - Classifieds

Flophone - Classifieds (92%)

Today is your first day as an elite secret agent. Your new phone is where i will send your current mission and updates.

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Sky Machine

Sky Machine (84%)

Wright Brothers are making some trials with their new machine.

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Cold Window

Cold Window (84%)

Click on the differences.

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Andy - Ancient Temple

Andy - Ancient Temple (82%)

The sacred ancient scroll is hidden deep inside this ancient temple.We are all counting on you. Good Luck !

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Hotel Management

Hotel Management (90%)

Welcome to your brand new Hotel.Your job is to serve your customers, and to do it quick!
Keep them happy and they will tip you well. And day by day improve your hotel.

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Stoneium (80%)

The goal is to remove all the stones on each level, by connecting stones of the same color.
Each level consists of a number of stones connected together on a chequered board, usi...

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Dinx-Lost Treasure of Ergotten

Dinx-Lost Treasure of Ergotten (85%)

You will be heading to an undisclosed location where someone has reported the great treasure of Ergotten.

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The Best Shoots

The Best Shoots (85%)

Send the balls into the pockets with the lowest number of attempts.

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Diner City

Diner City (93%)

Start your own restaurant business.
Choose your restaurant type and upgrade it with the new appliances to reach the money goal faster than your competitor.

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Kidnapped by Ghosts

Kidnapped by Ghosts (85%)

What happened? I knew it wasn't a very good idea to go exploring this spooky house..

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Tsunami Wall

Tsunami Wall (88%)

There is some problems with the dike and you have to make obstacle to save your house from water. Stack materials from queue to make good obstacle.

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Run Kitty Run

Run Kitty Run (86%)

Run as fast as you can!

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Kidnapped by the Pharaoh

Kidnapped by the Pharaoh (84%)

I don't know what was happened. I am in Egypt. What year is this? I need to get out of here..

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Bubble Quest

Bubble Quest (86%)

For an air baloon, which you are, controlling the amount of air inside is very important.

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Andy - Aztec Treasure

Andy - Aztec Treasure (84%)

You have a map , whip and notepad. The map has an X where the treasure is located. Find items and pay close attention to your surroundings. Examine everything if you want to find t...

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Mixel Worlds

Mixel Worlds (88%)

Help Mixel to reach the doors to other worlds.

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Mystery Hunter

Mystery Hunter (86%)

Find out the hidden shapes using your tools to reach the undiscovered treasure.

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Reversi Gold Edition

Reversi Gold Edition (87%)

Jump over the opponent's chips and capture all of chips that lie between yours. The one who owns more chips at the end, wins.

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Wish (80%)

Spot the differences.

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Expert Parking

Expert Parking (82%)

Park your car in parking area. Use arrow keys for moving and rotating your car and space key for sudden break.

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Andy - The Cave of Treasure

Andy - The Cave of Treasure (84%)

You have a map along with a packpack, whip and lantern. There is supposed to be treasure at the end of this cave. Can you find it ?

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The Hedgehogs

The Hedgehogs (83%)

Help the hedgehogs collect all apples and find their way by placing the arrows on the stage.

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Locked Cabin

Locked Cabin (86%)

I must have fell asleep waiting for the others. The last thing i remember is arriving early.

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Garden TD

Garden TD (93%)

Defend your garden from bugs by placing gnomes,poisoned balls,spitting cactuses,timer bombs,gas sprayers,laser towers and chewing gums.

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Kidnapped by Aliens 2

Kidnapped by Aliens 2 (85%)

Hello Earthling..Our planet is in danger and only you can help us save it.

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Figure Skating

Figure Skating (87%)

Perform tricks by replicating the symbols on the mat. Use the mouse to draw gestures anywhere on the screen.

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Kidnapped by Pirates

Kidnapped by Pirates (85%)

It seems that pirates have kidnapped me ! I must find a way out of here ..

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Heart of the Planet

Heart of the Planet (88%)

Help her to reach the heart of the planet to save the world from the evil.

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Timescape (84%)

You need to find and repair the time machine.Travel between 1950 and 2009 to solve the puzzles.
The professor who invented the time machine is waiting you in year 2300.

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Shopping City

Shopping City (91%)

Build your own resort island...
Earn money by building and operating the network of shops...
You can upgrade or sell your buildings.
Build fast serving shops at the intersection...

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Vase Breaker

Vase Breaker (88%)

Use your slingshot to break all vases through all 50 levels.

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Zoe's Sub Adventure

Zoe's Sub Adventure (77%)

Help Zoe run her Grandpa's sandwich store over the summer. You'll have lots of different customers demanding the best service and willing to tip well for it. Pay attention to their...

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Kidnapped By Aliens

Kidnapped By Aliens (85%)

How did i end up in this space? The bright lights... Strange voices..... It feels like something is wrong..... I need to figure out what is going on.

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Rombenk (83%)

Help Rombenk to collect at least 5 trash and send it to the garbage bin before the time runs out.

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Shopping Street

Shopping Street (94%)

Start your own retail business; earn money by operating your shops. Upgrade the shops and increase your cash flow

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